I'm Toni

I'm so happy you are here. I'm a fine art photographer living and working in Austin, Texas. 

I’m eternally nostalgic and my work is largely inspired by wistful memories. When I’m creating my images, I often feel like I’m trying to recall a dream – one with overwhelming sensations and fragmented details I can barely put my finger on.


I’m also always looking for ways to push the physics of photography i.e. light, space and time. I owe this to my education at the Austin School of Photography. 


Creating art brings me so much joy. I’m my happiest self when I take a small spark of an idea and turn it into something tangible to share with others. Please enjoy!


I am passionate about the benefits art brings to a community and I believe it is important to create equitable access to these benefits. 5% of art sales go towards an organization supporting equitable access to arts such as The Contemporary's Education Fund, Big Medium, Chula League and other local non-profits. 

I also cherish our environment. I use sustainable packaging products to the extent I can. All shipments are carbon-offset, meaning an investment is made towards reforestation, landfill gas destruction, wastewater treatment, and/or methane destruction equal to the amount of emissions to it took to transport your artwork.



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