We often trust our memory to act as a video recorder. We expect it to retain both the minute and rich details of events. But in reality memories are hazy and distorted. They fade over time. Our brain only records snippets of detail and emotion and then relies on our basic understanding of the world to fill in the gaps. 



Did you find a piece of art you love? 

Let's make it yours.

What your investment includes:

  • limited edition archival quality print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Baryta paper ​

  • renderings/AR to view your artwork at home before bringing it home​

  • 5% of your purchase will be donated to local organizations supporting education, access, and equality in the arts​​

  • free carbon-offset shipping within the U.S.

Sizes begin at 12x18" print  -  $650.00

Prices will fluctuate as limited editions run low. All photographs are editions of 10.

Buying artwork is personal which is why I prefer to communicate with each of my customers directly to guarantee you receive a piece you love. 

Driftwood 1_30x45.jpg


Hi, I'm Toni. I'm a fine art photographer living and working in Austin, Texas. 

My photography practice began when I was a child at my first overnight summer camp. There I learned everything about my first camera - a 35mm Minolta - and the magic that goes into developing film. I have since added a few other cameras to my repertoire, but I will still shoot with this camera today. 

My largest body of work is abstract and centers around themes of nostalgia and finding the beauty in ambiguity (a skill I'm still trying to adopt in my daily life.) 

I'm also available for artistic collaborations and editorial/brand photography 



I feel passionate about the benefits art brings to a community and I believe it is important to create equitable access to these benefits. 5% of your purchase will go towards an organization supporting equitable access to arts such as The Contemporary's Education Fund, Big Medium, Chula League and other local non-profits. 

I also cherish our environment. I source the wood for frames from fallen local urban trees and native Texas hardwoods. I also use sustainable packaging products to the extent I can. All shipments are carbon-offset, meaning an investment is made towards reforestation, landfill gas destruction, wastewater treatment, and/or methane destruction equal to the amount of emissions to it took to transport your artwork.

I send periodic updates about future events, new projects, and the occasional hello. Sign up below if you'd like to stay in touch.

Talk to you soon!