On Google Earth (best on a laptop or desktop):  

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Recreate the outdoor gallery experience:

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The Skyline Virtual Gallery ran from November 14-22, 2020 as a part of the annual Austin Studio Tour. Guests could visit it through a self-guided outdoor virtual gallery or through an online gallery experience. The online gallery is still available on Google Earth. Click the link above and follow the instructions to access the gallery.

During the outdoor gallery visitors would scan QR codes placed along the Lady Bird Like hike and bike trail. The codes opened an online gallery of photographs created at that specific location. 


I started developing my style as an impressionistic photographer in 2019 with my first series “Horizons” - at the time it was a light-hearted exercise in finding beauty within ambiguity. Little did I know how relevant this exercise would become at the turn of 2020. 


In an instant our world shrank. Life was confined to 800 square feet with ambiguity lurking in every corner.  I felt it every morning at the doorstep, along every city street, and every mile I walked.


I turned to photography as an outlet for my anxious energy. Through my lens I started to see my immediate surroundings differently. Some days I would appreciate the details I never noticed before, and other days I felt suffocated by the monotony.  I poured my emotions into these photographs as I searched for an escape within a newly confined world. 


I now invite you to take a walk with me and honor space for all of the anxiety, despair, joy, excitement, apathy or whatever else arises.