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Our entire world was turned upside-down, but the wildflowers didn’t care. 


Those tiny, delicate beings still emerged en masse - along the side of busy highways, in dry fields roasting in the sun, beneath crevasses in limestone. Really any place that defies the laws of what I consider an opportune growing condition for a plant. 


Like many at the beginning of March 2020, I was desperate for a sense of normalcy. The wildflowers brought that, but I also found myself equally annoyed by their presence. How were they allowed to just exist as though everything was right with the world? It was borderline snobbish. 


From there, this “Alice In Wonderland-esc” series was born. A child of my combined amusement of personifying flora as anything other than beautiful and my pandemic mental state where I found myself disdainful of flowers. 


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