I'm Toni with an "i"

I'm Toni with an "i"

I'm a photographer, painter, artist, and landscape designer - but you're probably here for the photography. 


I first discovered the art of photography at a sleep-away art camp as a child. I was taught all of the magic (or what seems like magic) that goes into developing film. I picked up my camera sporadically over the next 10 years, only to rekindle a consistent photography practice after graduate school, this time digital.  Since moving to Austin I have deepened my practice through further education at Austin School of Photography. I have a diverse set of skills, and an even more diverse set of interests:

Fine Art

My fine art landscape photography explores simplicity and beauty within the landscape. I'm drawn to the ephemeral quality of our natural world and its cycles - tides, changing seasons, all things that last momentarily only to return again. I'm currently exploring themes of fleetingness through my series Horizons.

Editorial + Brand

I craft my editorial work to compliment the desired tone of each story.  I work closely with my clients to develop a shot list and the desired mood they would like their images to convey prior to each shoot. Let's talk about your concept and bring it to life!


My documentary photography currently focuses on the people and places of Austin, with an eye towards the ever-changing interaction of tradition, culture, infrastructure, and population. I am mostly drawn to themes of nostalgia and bygone times. 

Toni Toscano Photograhy